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Meet the editor

Brenna Bailey-Davies
Headshot_Bookmarten Editorial.png


Hi! My name is Brenna. I love working on stories because I believe in the power of words. Stories can change lives and create magic.

Besides editing, I also write queer contemporary romance. My first series, the Juniper Creek Golden Years novels, is ongoing. If you're interested, check out my author website.


In my spare time, I devour as many books as I can; my latest reads and reviews are on my author Instagram. I also love travelling and baking, and part of my heart resides in Scotland, where I completed my university degree. I live in Calgary, Alberta with my game-loving spouse and our adorable fur-baby.


Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary and the University of Aberdeen (2017)

Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University (2019)


ALLi: Alliance of Independent Authors

ACES: The Society for Editing


Author Ever After Workshop: Sensitivity Reads a.k.a. Authenticity Reads (2023)

ACES VCON23: Both Sides of the Page: From Editor to Author and Back Again (2023)

Dot & Dash's Writing Accountability Group: Author Q&A (2023)

Editors Calgary Shop Talk: When Editors Are Also Authors (2023)

Editors Atlantic interview: Being an Editor and an Author (2022)

Writing Wanderlust Podcast: A Journey in Editing with Brenna Bailey-Davies (2022)

Editors Canada webinar: Niching Down: How Specializing Can Boost Your Business (2022)

Quill & Cup webinar: Building Community for Success (2022)

ACES webinar: Working with Self-Publishing Authors (2022)

Editors Canada webinar: Self-Editing for Fiction Authors (2022)

ACES webinar: Overcoming Overwhelm (2021)

Writers of Strange Fiction Convention: How to Write Sex Scenes (2021)

Writers of Strange Fiction Convention: Working with Freelance Editors (2021)

Indie Know Podcast: S1 E2 (2021)

The Midnight Quill Podcast: S2 E2: How to Edit Your Own Book (2021)

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