Meet the Team

Brenna Bailey-Davies



I love working on stories because I believe in the power of words. Stories can change lives and create magic. My goal in editing is to help authors maximize the impact of their writing.

Besides being an editor, I am also an author of queer contemporary romance. My first series, the Juniper Creek Golden Years novels, will be released in 2023! Here's my author website.

In my spare time, I devour as many books as I can; my latest reads and reviews are on my Instagram. I also love travelling and baking, and part of my heart resides in Scotland, where I completed my university degree. I live in Calgary, Alberta with my game-loving spouse and our adorable fur-baby.




Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary and the University of Aberdeen

Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University


ALLi: Alliance of Independent Authors

Editors Canada


American Copy Editors Society webinar: Working with Self-Publishing Authors (2022)

Editors Canada webinar: Self-Editing for Fiction Authors (2022)

American Copy Editors Society webinar: Overcoming Overwhelm (2021)

Writers of Strange Fiction Convention: How to Write Sex Scenes (2021)

Writers of Strange Fiction Convention: Working with Freelance Editors (2021)

Indie Know Podcast: S1 E2 (2021)

The Midnight Quill Podcast: S2 E2: How to Edit Your Own Book (2021)


Aubry Bennett



I have always been a voracious reader, with a love of words and how they come together to create another world. Exploring the language and nuance in a story brings me such joy, and I carry that passion over to my work as an editor.

I subscribe to a non-prescriptive approach—I know the rules, but I also know when to break them! My goal is to make an author’s work the best possible version of itself with insight and guidance offered in a sensitive, collaborative manner. I have a particular love for fantasy, romance, and historical fiction, but I have worked on a variety of genres. 



Outside of reading and editing, most of my free time is spent in the sewing room with my three furry helpers. In all my projects, I love nothing more than turning imagination into reality, seeing words and images come to life, whether on the page or in fabric.


Bachelor of Arts from Marshall University


ACES: The Society for Editing

EFA: Editorial Freelancers Association