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At Bookmarten Editorial, I provide editing services for indie authors of fantasy and romance, with a focus on books with queer representation.


1. Empowerment: Supporting and celebrating underrepresented voices.

2. Connection: Building authentic relationships between the author and their editor.

3. Meaning: Creating magic through words.

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I picked "Bookmarten" for a few specific reasons:


1. My favorite fictional character is Dustfinger from the Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke. He has a pet pine marten named Gwin who has a fairly significant role in the story. I have a tattoo on my arm of a pine marten to display my love for Dustfinger and Gwin!


2. My in-laws have a cabin in Invermere, and there's a pine marten out there who comes to visit us sometimes (looking for food, of course). He is so freaking cute, and seeing him the first time was what pushed me to get my tattoo because I had never seen a pine marten in person before.


3. One of my favorite bookish stories is about a man who would go into libraries in Germany and cut maps out of antique library books to sell on the black market. Librarians and authorities couldn't catch him for decades, so they gave him the name Büchermarder, which means "book marten," alluding to the fact that martens are difficult to get rid of.


So, for me, martens are particularly magical and bookish creatures, which fits who I am as an editor!

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