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5 More Podcasts for Readers and Writers

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Remember my posts listing 5 podcasts for readers and 5 podcasts for writers? Well, here are 5 more podcasts for readers and/or writers. Yes, I listen to a lot of podcasts.

Looking for some nonfiction book recommendations? This bi-weekly Book Riot podcast with Alice and Kim will give you plenty of new and backlist nonfiction options. This podcast is wonderful for readers looking to spice up their reading life and for writers interested in reading more nonfiction.

Yes, my name is Brenna, but I am not the host of this podcast (I have my own podcast called The Hobby Shelf). Hazel & Katniss & Harry & Starr focuses on YA books and their adaptations. Every week, Joe and Brenna discuss a different text and critically read both the book and the movie. This is a fantastic podcast for lovers of YA literature.

Inside the Writer's Studio with Charlie Lovett

On Inside the Writer's Studio, bestselling author Charlie Lovett interviews other authors about writing, business, and books. He provides an insider's look at writing and publishing, so this podcast is perfect for writers. This podcast is also great for readers who want to know more about the authors and the process behind their favourite books.

This Book Riot podcast is all about bookish news and reviews. The hosts are the editors of Book Riot, and they do not shy away from sharing their opinions. If you want to keep up with the publishing world, this is the podcast for you.

On Sarah's Book Shelves Live, Sarah interviews readers and bookish professionals about two old books they love, two new books they love, one book they don't like at all, and one new release they're looking forward to. This podcast is perfect for building up your TBR.

Did I miss your favourite podcast on this list? Let me know!

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