Editing Services


Developmental Editing

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If you are revising an early draft of your story, we can help you strengthen your story's foundations. In a developmental edit, we will give you feedback on plot, characterization, pacing, tone, language, world-building, etc.

What you get: a tracked manuscript and an editorial report

Rate: starts at $0.04/word (CAD)


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Copyediting is editing at the sentence level. This includes editing grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics of style, wordiness, and internal consistency. We include stylistic editing in this as well, which addresses word order, flow, and clarity. This is where the magic happens!

What you get: a tracked manuscript, a clean manuscript, and an editorial report

Rate: starts at $0.025/word (CAD)


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Proofreading is quality management more than editing. This step takes place once the manuscript has been typeset and is in PDF form.


One tiny error in a sentence can change the entire meaning of your words, and errors in formatting can be distracting. We have an eye for detail and will catch errors that could decrease the quality of your work.

What you get: a marked-up PDF

Rate: starts at $0.01/word (CAD)


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Manuscripts often need more than one round of editing and sometimes multiple rounds at each step of editing.

After completing a complimentary sample edit for you and assessing what your manuscript needs, we will put together an editing package that fits your goals and your manuscript.