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Editing Services


Manuscript evaluation

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Are you on a tight budget but want some professional feedback? With a manuscript evaluation, I can help you strengthen your story's foundations by giving feedback on larger story aspects such as plot, characterization, pacing, and world-building. I will also give you suggestions for how to go forward with revisions.

What you get: an editorial report

Rate: $0.01/word for the first 50K words; price scales up from there


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Is your story hook strong enough? Have you covered the first-chapter essentials? This service is ideal for authors who want to strengthen their story kick-off without going for a full edit. This feedback could help you shape the rest of your story! Limited availability. 

What you get: in-line comments, a detailed editorial report, resource recommendations, and a fifteen-minute follow-up call

Rate: starts at $100 (CAD)


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Copyediting is editing at the sentence level. This includes editing grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics of style, wordiness, and internal consistency. I include stylistic editing in this as well, which addresses word order, flow, and clarity. This is where the magic happens!

What you get: a tracked manuscript, a clean manuscript, an editorial report, and a style sheet

Rate: starts at $0.025/word (CAD)


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Proofreading is quality management more than editing. This step takes place once the manuscript has been typeset and is in PDF form.


One tiny error in a sentence can change the entire meaning of your words, and errors in formatting can be distracting. I have an eye for detail and will catch errors that could decrease the quality of your work.

What you get: a marked-up PDF

Rate: starts at $0.01/word (CAD)


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Manuscripts often need more than one round of editing and sometimes multiple rounds at each step of editing.

After completing a complimentary sample edit for you and assessing what your manuscript needs, I will put together an editing package that fits your goals and your manuscript.

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